The Zaika Story

Many things happen just by accident. But it was not merely an accident for Zaika to become synonymous with good food within a very short period of its opening. When I first landed on the East Coast of the United States to earn an MBA, it was hard for me to imagine how I would end up after 10 years. It was indeed by accident that I entered the restaurant world. My restaurant journey has really been amazing even from the start. Serving and satisfying customers was challenging but I learned to love it and ultimately it became my passion. Now this is part of my everyday life.

After moving to Colorado in 2011 to explore new possibilities, I created a successful story of Azitra. Now Zaika is my new venture with the investment of what all I had – the passion and dedication to serve the customers with the best and most authentic Indian food. What we serve on the table comes with meticulous planning and efforts. The menus are crafted to include varied dishes from the Indian sub-continent. We carefully select the best ingredients, including spices. We then prepare food trying to create a perfect balance of different ingredients, spices, cooking levels, freshness and presentation.